The Portfolio

The 5G Community portfolio of solution concepts, business models and market trials gets you to market faster with more credible, market-ready 5G products, solutions, and services.

solution concepts

Solution concepts

Solution concepts are prototype 5G products and services in areas that touch our lives, including, media & entertainment, health, transportation and smart cities. They include technologies from ng Connect member companies, along with business models and primary research you can use to further test the market validity of a potential 5G offering.

Business models

To deploy a profitable new solution, you need a thorough analysis of business drivers and the interactions between financial and technology variables throughout the value chain. As a 5G Community member, you can leverage the broader ng Connect Program’s business modeling team to explore profitable business models for deploying and marketing the services that customers want most.


Market trials

Market trials gauge the viability of solution concept prototypes. The 5G Community identifies market trial candidates, conducts market trials, trains participants, conducts and analyzes end user surveys and focus groups, identifies purchase barriers, and analyzes ROI.


Market Trials in the Future

We are combining 5G’s capabilities with the leading advances in wearables, augmented and virtual reality, machine control and network aware applications to deliver services that will create opportunities across all segments from consumer, enterprise and governments.


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